Stop Frivolous Lawsuits

 Here at OutragedPublic, we have a goal to stop companies from filing frivolous lawsuits and wasting taxpayer money. When companies like Horizon Realty publicly take stances such as "We are a sue first, and ask questions later type of organization"; and actively hunt down people to file lawsuits against, enough is enough. It is time for the public to let companies such as this know that we are sick and tired of their frivolous lawsuits. Companies like this that file lawsuits without making any efforts to resolve their issues outside of court need to be made aware that we as consumers find their actions totally unacceptable.

Please help us make a difference! Invite all of your friends to visit us here at this site, where we will post regular updates on our progress. Visit and sign our petition stating that you are tired of companies filing lawsuits like this. Then follow us on Twitter at username OutragedPublic to show your support and recieve further notices of updates on our petition progress. Together we can make a statement. Thank you for your support.